Media We’ve Watched/Heard in Class

Q&A: Mindy Kaling By the Book 

Blog/Twitter: Preschool Gems

Audio Slideshow: Jimi Hendrix Lives!

I Tweeted a Funeral

Podcast: Serial

Radio/Podcast: StoryCorps

Slideshow: Batkid

Slideshow: Dismaland on CNN

Print: 99 Ways to Be Naughty in Kazakhstan

John Canzano

Broadcast: Amy Schumer on CBS Sunday Morning 9 minutes

Dismaland on Instagram

Radio: Whoopi Goldberg’s favorite movie on NPR

First Woman Ascends to Top Drill Sergeant Spot

Here’s a link to the story about guts and Halloween

Radio: NPR’s Vocal Impressions – Round 1 (Marilyn, Patsy, Morgan, Truman)

Months to Live

NYC Radio Lab – Stayin Alive

Shepard Fairey profile on CBS Sunday Morning (video)

Ivory Wars – Last Stand in Zakouma/National Geographic

Shot variation

Curtain Call for Kenya’s Last  Outdoor Picture Show

5 types of photos that make for strong photo essays, audio slideshows


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