Reading Assignments

Read for Week 2:

State of news media 2015

Be a Reporter – – You must register for NewsU, but it’s free.

Basics to News Writing – A PDF with some helpful tips.

Read for Week 3:

Interviewing Basics

How to write a lead

Associated Press Style

Read for Week 4:

Six ways Twitter has made me a better writer

Photography tips from National Geographic

Read about taking a LOT of photos from a professional photojournalist

Language of the Image – You must register for NewsU, but it’s free.

Read for Week 5:

How one stupid tweet blew up Justine Sacco’s life

The evolving role of news on Facebook and Twitter

Read for Week 6:

Journalist’s toolbox 


Read for Week 7:

Moving from print to radio – A Q/A with a reporter

How Journalists Use Twitter

Live Blogging: How it makes us better journalists

Read for Week 8:

Gathering Audio

Natural Sound

Read for Week 9:

How to write a press release

University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication

Read for Week 10:

Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents from Reporters without Borders.

Optional Reading 

Newswriting for Radio Good info here on how to write well if you’re going to be reading your work

Figuring out when and how to use an audio slideshow

Building an Audio Slide Show

Producing audio slide shows

Using Soundslides

Broadcast script writing basics


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